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Buy a flexible badminton racket

A flexible badminton racquet is for comfort and power! A flexible badminton racket is excellent for players who have an injury-prone arm / shoulder and / or want to hit the shuttle harder. In that case, you would like support in absorbing the vibrations in the racket. And you will be helped to hit the shuttle harder, more easily.

Do you have a fit arm and do you want more control over your hard strokes? Then consider a stiffer shaft.

Flexible badminton racket

A flexible racket works 'energy-saving', which enables you to use that energy for endurance. With a flexible badminton racket, it takes you less force to hit the shuttle harder, because the racket retains the energy slightly longer when hitting the shuttle. There is a kind of catapult effect, which you can make good use of during the competitions.

Compared to an extra flexible badminton racket, the advantage is that slightly more control in the strokes is possible. So you can place the shuttle more precisely. Yet, you will not experience a lot of precision, because the racket is still too flexible.

Badminton racket advice

If you buy a flexible badminton racquet online, make sure that you read up properly and / or receive sufficient advice when purchasing. Of course, this does not only apply to this type of rackets, but to all different types. Make sure you contact our KW FLEX badminton expert if you have any doubts when ordering.

Would you like extra information from our badminton expert? No problem! Our badminton specialist is always available online, by phone/WhatsApp +31-616 501 686 or in our badminton shop in Rijen to ask for advice! He will help you buy the right badminton rackets.

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