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Do you want to buy a badminton racquet, but you are not sure which balance point best suits your playing style? Do not panic! You're really not the only one who doesn't know or aren't sure. Fortunately, with our expertise, we can help you make the right choice!

Which balance point suits my playing style?

In total, you can choose from 5 balance points:

Extra head heavy (head heavy ●○○○○ head light) 31,6 >> cm
Head heavy (head heavy ○●○○○ head light) 30,5 - 31,5 cm
Even balanced (head heavy ○○●○○ head light) 29,5 - 30,4 cm
Head light (head heavy ○○○●○ head light) 28,5 - 29,5 cm
Extra head light (head heavy ○○○○● head light) << 28,4 cm

balanspunt  badminton rackets

Characteristics of headlight badminton racquet:

Advantages of Head Light badminton rackets:

  • Lots of speed during the battles on the net
  • More power for short, fast strokes
  • Interceptingshuttle is much better

Disadvantages Head Light badminton rackets:

  • Limited maximum power for shots from the back line

Characteristics of top-heavy badminton rackets

Advantages Head Heavy badminton rackets:

  • More power in offensive shots, so you hit the shuttles further back
  • Long stroke movements create more control

Disadvantages Head Heavy badminton racquets:

  • A stronger wrist is needed
  • Slower handling with slowed stroke movements, such as smash catch
  • Trickshots, quick short strokes and backhand are more difficult to do

Learn more about balance points

A short explanation is of course useful for all categories. Would you like to read all about why the balance point is so important when buying a badminton racket? In that case, read our blog: The balance of a badminton racket

Advice from the badminton expert

Are you unable to figure it out yourself? Then our badminton specialist is of course ready for you. You can always ask for advice online, by telephone / WhatsApp + 31-616 501 686 or in our badminton shop in Rijen in The Netherlands! He will help you buy the right badminton rackets.

Personal badminton racket advice