Extra head heavy

A lot of power - more wrist strength needed - attacking ultra strong

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Vapour Trail 73S stringed
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Astrox 77 Pro - Frame 4UG5
€199,95 RRP €159,95 *
Wavetec Magan 5
€44,90 RRP €29,95 *
Astrox 22 F Stringed
€159,95 RRP €119,95 *
Thruster K 11 E Strung
€99,95 RRP €69,95 *
DX Light Fighter 60 E - Strung
€149,00 RRP €109,95 *
Hypernano X 60 H - Frame
€149,95 RRP €119,95 *

Buy extra head heavy badminton racket!

With the extra head heavy badminton racquets, control over long stroke movements and the associated strength and power are central. The attacking badminton players and especially singles can use these positive qualities to dominate on the badminton court. Put your opponent on the defensive with powerful hits such as deep clears, hard smashes and tight drives!

Features of an extra head heavy badminton racquet:

Extra head heavy (head heavy ●○○○○ head light) 31,6 >> cm
The main advantages of an extra head heavy badminton racket are:
  • Lots of power
  • Offensive super strong
  • With long stroke movements, such as clears, more control

The disadvantages or points that you should take into account when purchasing an extra top-heavy racket are:

  • Need more wrist strength
  • Less pleasant with smash catch, for example, because of the delayed stroke movement
  • Not maneuverable enough for fast short strokes on the net and trick shots

The balance point of an extra head heavy badminton racket is above 31.6 cm from the bottom of the handle.

To determine the balance point, do the following:

  1. You can find this balance point by placing the stem on the tip of your nail / finger.
  2. Move the stem until you find the center of gravity. The racket then no longer falls to the left or right.
  3. Measure the distance from the bottom of the handle to the balance point in the handle.

Are there still strings in the racket? Then pull 1 cm from the determined balance point. Strings in a tension weigh approx. 4.5 grams.

Badminton racket advice

Would you like to buy an extra head heavy badminton racquet? Then you are at the right online badminton shop at KW FLEX.nl. Are you unable to choose the perfect racket yourself? Would you like extra information from our badminton expert? No problem! Our badminton specialist is always available online, telefonisch/whatsapp +31-616 501 686 or in our badminton shop in Rijen to ask for advice! He will help you buy the right badminton rackets.

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