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Arcsaber 7 Play 4U - Strung
€69,95 RRP €54,95 *
Auraspeed 9 A - Strung
€89,00 RRP €69,95 *
Jetspeed S 800HT C Black
€79,00 RRP €64,95 *
Thruster K 11 C Strung
€98,95 RRP €78,95 *
Brave Sword 1500 D - Frame
€129,95 RRP €109,95 *
FZ Forza
Aero Power 776- Frame
€129,95 RRP €94,95 *
Auraspeed 11 B - Stringed
€99,00 RRP €79,95 *
Wave Power 6800 - Strung
€149,00 RRP €99,95 *
Jetspeed S 09 LJ - Frame
€149,00 RRP €114,95 *
Jetspeed S 800HT G Green
€79,95 RRP €64,95 *
FZ Forza
HT Precision 72F - Strung
€89,95 RRP €76,95 *
BR Revo-Star Titan 81 Strung
€109,95 RRP €69,95 *
Hypernano x 100 - Frame
€199,00 RRP €129,95 *
Hypernano X 30 Frame
€129,00 RRP €102,50 *
FZ Forza
Pure Light 3 - Strung
€79,95 RRP €64,95 *
Hypernano X DF 08 - Frame
€119,00 RRP €89,95 *
FZ Forza
HT Power 30 - Strung
€109,95 RRP €89,95 *
FZ Forza
Impuls 50
€44,95 *
FZ Forza
Impuls 10
€54,95 *
Jetspeed S 7 - Frame
€199,00 RRP €139,95 *
Performer ATT 500 Strung
€79,00 RRP €59,95 *

Flexible-balanced badminton racket

Flexible and evenly balanced badminton rackets for advanced or professional badminton players - If you have a good command of the strokes, and you are well aware of what type of racket you are looking for, you can start looking for the right racket. Besides the balance, flexibility and weight, the applied technologies determine which accents are emphasized in a badminton racket (offensive, defensive, speed, control etc). It is very important to make the right choice and to pay attention to your own qualities and what you want to achieve. If you keep this in mind, you will be unbeatable on the court and show your best game!

Why choose a flexible and balanced badminton racket?

Flexible and balanced rackets are excellent for players looking for comfort and power/speed. The flexible shaft allows you to hit power strokes more easily if you don't have too much muscle power and/or technique. In addition, it also offers a lot of comfort because it absorbs vibrations. As a result, it is very arm friendly, and you generally have a lower chance of arm injuries.

The even balanced balance gives more all-around characteristics to the racquet. You can hit more power strokes with it, because there is more weight in the top of the badminton racket. In addition, you will still be able to maneuver the racket and thus maintain the possibility of quick stroke changes.

Even balanced and flexible rackets are great for?

A flexible and even balanced badminton racket is suitable for many players. This is partly due to the all-round characteristics of being able to hit power shots and remaining agile, but also because of the great comfort that the flexibility offers. If you are injury prone, the racket absorbs the vibrations through its flexibility. The vibrations are less in your shoulder, etc., which makes it easier for you to play badminton. We recommend this type of rackets especially for advanced youth players or adults who have an all-round playing style. 


Flexibility:                                             flexible    ●○○○○ stiff

Balance point:                                       headlight ○○●○○ head-heavy

Required wrist power and technique:       minimum ●○○○○ maximum

Info about flexibility badminton racquets

The flexibility is divided between stiff, medium flex and flexible (Stiff ○○●○ Flexible). Do you have enough strength and technique, and do you want more control? Then you should choose a medium flex / stiff badminton racket. (The stiffer the racket, the quicker it will punish mistakes and the more power you have to draw from your technique and arm, but the advantage is more accuracy and control). If you do not have that much strength, you should look for a more flexible badminton racket. This will help you to develop speed in your strokes. 

Info about of the balance of the rackets

The weight distribution is mainly determined by your style of play and is divided between head heavy, balanced and grip heavy. If you are a defensive badminton player, you will have to defend smashes more often and play short games at the net. Therefore, a headlight badminton racket is an ideal addition to your playing style. Are you an offensive player and do you prefer to constantly attack your opponent, and they can only defend? Then a head heavy racket is ideal to support your offensive game even more. Of course, you can also choose the middle ground and then a balanced racket is the perfect choice.


Have you determined which flexibility and balance is best for your style of play? Select the weight class of your racket. Do you prefer a U6 racket (70-75 grams without strings) or a 3U racket (85-90 grams without strings)? Depending on your style of play, you can make the right selection here. If you play a lot at the net, if you play a lot of doubles, if you are prone to injuries or if you just want to be very maneuverable, a lighter racket is recommended. Less weight = more maneuverability.
If you are an offensive player, you play a lot in the backfield, and you are not injury-prone, it is better to choose a heavier racket. More weight = more power. Determine your style of play and what you need help with during the game. The racket is and remains an extension of you as a badminton player. 


Of course, at KW FLEX online badminton sports store, you can select your new badminton racket within your desired budget. So if you are looking for a cheap badminton racket or a more expensive and higher quality racket, you can easily set the filter according to your preferences. So if you are looking for a camping racket or if you want to improve or renew your competition game, our badminton advisors can always help you!


For advice, you can always contact us via [email protected], Facebook and telephone / WhatsApp: + 31-616501686 or visit our badminton shop in Rijen (Breda, Tilburg, Den Bosch region). We help you choose the right racket!

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