Yonex Saferun Fitjog Men Olive

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  • Are you looking for the Yonex Saferun Fitjog men Olive running shoe? Then order it now from online racquet sports specialist KW FLEX.


Color Olive
Gender Men
Sports Badminton, Squash, Indoor sports
Technologys POWER CUSHION+, Power Graphite Drive, Flexion Upper
Type of foot Regular foot
Cushion Limited ○○○○● Maximum
Stability Limited ○○○○● Maximum
Flexibility Stiff ○○○●○ Flexible
Comfort Limited ○○○○● Maximum

Product details

Are you looking for the Yonex Saferun Fitjog men Olive running shoe? Then order it now from online racquet sports specialist KW FLEX. We stand for high quality, excellent service and fast delivery.

Finally, the Yonex Saferun Fitjog is available for order!

It took a while, but finally the newest Yonex running shoe is available in the Netherlands. As one of the few in the Netherlands, we deliver this beautiful and comfortable running shoe, developed by the badminton brand Yonex.

About the quality, we can already say that it is not inferior to the Yonex badminton shoes. Many proven technologies have been perfectly transferred to the new running shoes. On the one hand, there is the excellent Power Cushion + cushioning system, which also optimally protects heavier players from injuries. Then there is "Durable Skin Light." A light, robust and dimensionally stable upper material, also suitable for intensive use. The Saferun Fit Jog is also super light, thanks to the featherweight "MS light x" midsole. The outsole is specially designed to meet the needs of different outdoor surfaces.

Do you already have Yonex badminton shoes? That's convenient because the shoes are the same size. Now you can finally shine with Yonex shoes during all your intense running workouts! This way you can keep your fitness level up or of course improve it through sharp interval training sessions.

Matching socks

It is very important to wear good badminton socks or squash socks, because they partly determine the comfort of the shoes. By wearing socks with too little grip, you will move more in your badminton shoes and squash shoes. This increases the risk of injuries and reduces the positive characteristics. Choose your ideal badminton socks, squash socks etc. in our webshop now!

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Insoles extend the shoe's life

Your faithful sports shoes unfortunately do not last forever, and so you will have to replace them once. Don't have enough budget at the moment to buy the right shoes or don't want to get rid of your current badminton shoes or squash shoes yet? Extend their life with a pair of new sport insoles. This will give your shoe back some of its stability, cushioning, resilience and comfort. Enjoy your favorite shoe a little longer with these badminton or squash insoles. But eventually, you would be wise to buy a new pair of indoor sportshoes.

Order now!

Order your Yonex Saferun Fitjog Men Olive now from KW FLEX online webshop or visit our racket sports store in Rijen! Ordered today before noon, will be shipped today. Free shipping from €100,- in the Netherlands and Belgium and €150,- in Germany. Check here which shipping costs we use to other countries!

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