Victor A 970 NitroLite CF

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  • Overview
  • The Victor A 970 NitroLite CF is an all-round badminton shoe that stands for comfort, strength and speed. Various important technologies have been added, so that your foot is even better cared for.


Color Black/Blue
Gender Unisex
Sports Badminton, Squash, Indoor sports
Technologys LSS, Carbon Power, Energymax 3.0, V-Durable, Radiation, Breathing, Neo Duplex, VSR Anti-slip, EVA Feather Resilient
Shoe fit Normal foot

Product details

Discover the upgraded Victor A970 NitroLite CF, a badminton shoe that offers badminton players the ultimate combination of comfort and speed. With the addition of the revolutionary A970 NitroLite technology, this shoe stands out for optimal shock absorption and resilient comfort. The A970 NitroLite CF is available in the striking colour "Hawaii Blue/Black". It is worn by the super popular Lee Zii Jia and Anders Antonsen!

Lee Zii Jia  Victor A970 NitroLite CF

Innovative Technologies

NitroLite Technology

The midsole of the A970 NitroLite CF features innovative NitroLite technology. This stronger and improved foam structure provides optimal shock absorption without the use of traditional chemical foaming agents. The result is a lightweight shoe with exceptional comfort.

3D Heel Support System

The Victor A970 NitroLite has a heel protection tab, which partially protects the Achilles tendon. The 3D heel support system provides comfortable support and protection on landing.

Durable Microfibre PU Leather

The design and development team finally chose to use durable Microfiber PU leather for the upper after several rounds of testing with different materials. Besides durability, Microfiber PU leather fits the foot better than regular materials, providing more stability and comfort. Follow in the footsteps of VICTOR's international players such as Anders Antonsen, Nishimoto Kenta and Lee Zii Jia and enjoy ultimate comfort in your Victor A970 NitroLite!

Download the shoe size table here to determine which size suits you best.

Matching socks

It is very important to wear good badminton socks or squash socks, because they partly determine the comfort of the shoes. By wearing socks with too little grip, you will move more in your badminton shoes and squash shoes. This increases the risk of injuries and reduces the positive characteristics. Choose your ideal badminton socks, squash socks etc. in our webshop now!

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Insoles extend the shoe's life

Your faithful sports shoes unfortunately do not last forever, and so you will have to replace them once. Don't have enough budget at the moment to buy the right shoes or don't want to get rid of your current badminton shoes or squash shoes yet? Extend their life with a pair of new sport insoles. This will give your shoe back some of its stability, cushioning, resilience and comfort. Enjoy your favorite shoe a little longer with these badminton or squash insoles. But eventually, you would be wise to buy a new pair of indoor sportshoes.

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