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Here you will find the latest badminton bags from the brands Yonex, Victor, Dunlop and Carlton.

There are different types of racket bags, namely 1 compartment racket bag (single thermobag), 2 compartment racket bag (double thermobag), 3 compartment racket bag (multithermobag) and backpacks. These bags differ in size and therefore there is always a good choice for both the recreational and the elite athlete.

1 compartment (3 rackets)
2 compartments (6 rackets)
3 compartments (12 rackets)
Backpack (1 racket, easy to carry)

The following applies to all variants: You can store clothes, water bottles, rackets, shoes, etc. in the various compartments. Depending on the number of straps, you can sometimes also carry it on your shoulders.

As a badminton specialist we can advise you the right badminton bag. View our very latest bags in our badminton webshop!