F.I.T. Sportbalsem

F.I.T. Sportbalsem F.I.T. Sportbalsem 100 ml
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F.I.T. Sportbalsem 100 ml

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F.I.T. Sport Balsam

F.I.T. Is the result of years of study and research in various forms of sport. It contains ingredients which enhanced recovery of sports injuries. It has a unique texture, color and odor and you 'feel' the effect directly on the skin. The sports balm has been widely applied to top sports professionals and amazing results have been made.

Here you will find everything about this unique and effective sports care product. F.I.T. Stands for 'Fast Injury Treatment', or quick recovery in sports injuries. F.I.T. Was developed by top medici for top athletes and now also available to all sports and athletes.