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Overview advanced badminton rackets

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Overview advanced badminton rackets

Here you will find an overview of all advanced badminton rackets from the brands Victor, Yonex, Carlton and Dunlop. So please scroll through our entire range and adjust the filters to your liking. Looking for a head heavy and flexible badminton racket? No problem, there is plenty of choice. Do you want an orange or pink badminton racket? Set the filter to the desired color and you will see all available models.

Of course you can also select on your favorite badminton brand or select another brand. Trying something different can not hurt and with every brand there is also a suitable badminton racket for you in terms of specifications.

Are you looking for a specific badminton racket, but you cannot find it in the KW FLEX webshop? In that case you can always contact our racket specialists. After all, questions can never hurt and we are always happy to help you!

If you can not come to a choice, we will gladly help you further! Call / whatsapp + 31-616501686, mail or send a message via Facebook!