Victor P9210 CG Black/Green

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  • Brand:Victor
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Victor P9210 CG Black/Green

The new top shoe convinces due to high comfort with Double-Mesh-Material and contains an outstanding stabilty and cushioning. Besides the comfort the Double-Mesh-Material offers great breathability. The carbon plate strengthen the midsole and appeals shock absorbing and good air circulation under the sole for a great grip on the court.

The P9210 draws inspiration from these past revolutions, arranging the new textile material covering the main body, with additional TPU protector curving and hugging the side of the foot, and achieving the balance in both agility and firm stabilization that locks the foot even when moving in drastic degrees in competitive conditions.

Verbessert die Stoßdämpfung im Bereich der Fersen in der Vorwärtsbewegung und stärkt die Rückprallfähigkeit der Fersen während der schnellen Defense. Neo Duplex Light Resilent EVA Carbon Power Breathing V-Shape 2.5 Standard 


  • Color:Blue/Black/Green
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Sports:Badminton, Squash, Indoor sports
  • Technologys:Light Shock-Absorbing EVA+Light Resilient EVA +ENERGYMAX V+TPU+Carbon Power+Solid EVA
  • Type of foot:Regular foot
  • Damping:Limited ○○○○● Maximum
  • Stability:Limited ○○○○● Maximum
  • Flexibility:Stiff ○○○○● Flexible
  • Comfort:Limited ○○○○● Maximum


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