Why is badminton fun?

5 reasons why badminton is a fun sport!

1. Conviviality and respect

Everyone has played badminton at the campsite or at school. Who didn't like to play badminton? Almost everyone gets excited and tries to hit the shuttle as hard as possible and make the opponent run. Jostling each other and making each other tired is the essence of badminton.

Of course, everyone wants to win when they play a match, but at the same time, badminton players have a lot of respect for each other. In the lower level matches, there is not always a referee present and certainly no linesmen. This means that the players have to be really honest about whether the shuttle is in or out. And on the whole, thankfully, the players do!

Of course there is no physical contact like in handball or soccer, so in that respect there are no irritations (often the reason why people get angry at each other). At the most, a badminton racket flies through the room, but that does not happen on purpose.

People are always respectful to each other, and therefore it is very pleasant on and especially off the court. Playing a game together at the cutting edge and afterwards having a drink in the canteen and eating snacks. What more could you want?

2. Good for your fitness

At badminton as a sport, most people think of the campsite or in the park to skip a shuttle. This is of course super fun and cozy, but in the sports hall there is real badminton. A badminton shuttle is very sensitive to wind, and therefore it is mainly played indoors.

It is very important to have a good condition, especially an interval condition. Just like with soccer, you have to constantly 'push' to the shuttle, and you put a lot of strain on your muscles and therefore your condition.

Muscles in your upper legs, calves, hamstrings and abdomen have a lot to endure. Therefore, it is important to do a good warm-up beforehand in order to minimize injuries.

An average badminton match lasts 30/45 minutes, and this seems short, but you are constantly in motion. So you end up sweating more than enough.

Did you know that nowadays there is also Airbadminton? You play this outdoors on the beach, in the park or on the street with a special Airshuttle. This shuttle is less wind sensitive, so you can play badminton outdoors.

Of course, at KW FLEX Badminton shop, you can also buy the Air shuttle!

Badminton airshuttle

3. Speed of the game

Badminton is a mega fast racket sport, where anticipation, responsiveness and quick reactions are key.

The speed of a shuttle is underestimated by many people, but the average speed (among the pros) is 200 km/hour. And the hardest hit shuttle went over the net at 493 km/hour!

So you can count on needing super-fast reactions in this delightful game. Fast actions and reactions are key.

It's also particularly handy and nice if you can anticipate what might be coming. You'll have to be ready to hit the shuttle back anywhere, short to the net, deep in the back of the court or tight along the line. Quickly get back to your base in the middle of the court and keep going!

With the right tactics, you are going to try to beat your opponent.

4. Broad target group

Badminton is accessible to everyone! Whether you're young, old, man, woman, child, it does not matter. Everyone can play badminton, and the best thing is that everyone can play together.

At tournaments, you can form a duo with another man or woman, and you can participate in the men's, women's or mixed doubles. Of course, you can also play your matches alone and participate in the ladies or men's singles.

Did you know that there is also wheelchair badminton? This is also super explosive and intensive and asks a lot of the players. We also find it very nice that we can support and sponsor Robin van Dam.

Roelstoel badmintonner Robin van Dam

5. Badminton is not an expensive sport

In most cases, badminton is not an expensive sport. You can make it as crazy as you want, and the higher you play in terms of level, the higher the costs.

The membership fee to join a badminton club is about 50/75 euros per quarter.

Sometimes the training is included, and sometimes you pay 5 euros per training. The higher the level of training, the more expensive it becomes, of course.

Badminton gear does not wear out very much. If you buy good quality products, you will enjoy your purchases much longer. Again, the more you play and the higher your level, the more the costs.

Never forget to replace your racket grip regularly in order to extend the life of your expensive badminton racket and maintain the desired characteristics. Want to know more about this? Then read our badminton grip blog and find out why a grip is so important.

The same applies to replacing the soles of your badminton shoes, which will ensure better cushioning.

What does it cost to buy badminton gear?

  • Badminton rackets vary between 35 and 180 Euros
  • Badminton grips cost between 2 and 5 euros
  • Badminton shoes range between 50 and 150 euros
  • Shuttles are almost always included in the contribution, unless you always want to play with feather shuttles (approx. €15,- per case) e.g. Victor Queen or Yonex Aerosensa.
  • Badminton clothing, such as socks, shirts, shorts, bag 

Badminton facts:

  • Average speed of a shuttle: 200 km/hour
  • Average duration of a match 45 minutes
  • Fastest stroke ever measured: 493 km/hr
  • Average reaction time: 0.23 seconds
KW FLEX Racket speciaalzaak
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