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Discover high-quality badminton sets at KW FLEX Racket Store. Choose from top brands such as VICTOR, FZ Forza and Dunlop. Complete sets with shuttle and bag for endless holiday and recreational fun. Suitable for beginners and advanced players.

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Badminton set Vicfun XF Kiddy + shuttles
€24,40 RRP €19,95 *
Badminton set Victor Youngster + shuttles
€22,30 RRP €19,95 *
Badminton set Vicfun TGX + shuttles
€29,95 RRP €19,95 *
Speed badminton set 100 Junior Orange
€34,95 RRP €27,95 *
Badminton set Victor AL 2200 Kiddy + shuttles
€36,40 RRP €29,95 *
Badmintonset AL 2200 + shuttles
€38,40 RRP €29,95 *
Speed badmintonset 100
€34,95 RRP €29,95 *
Speed badminton set field 100 blue
€49,95 RRP €34,95 *
Badminton set Wavetec Magan 5 + shuttles
€66,40 RRP €49,95 *
Badminton set Victec Rap + shuttles
€96,40 RRP €79,95 *
Badminton set Dunlop Revo-Star 85 + shuttles
€146,40 RRP €89,95 *
Badminton set Dunlop Revo-Star 82 + shuttles
€146,40 RRP €99,95 *
Badminton set Revo Star 81 + shuttles
€158,25 RRP €99,95 *

Discover Fun and Quality with Our Badminton Sets

The Perfect Recreational Badminton Sets

Here you will find all of our Badminton Sets, where we bring you the perfect options for recreational badminton play and holiday fun! Designed with passion and curated for badminton players and holiday enthusiasts, our sets offer unbeatable value without compromising on quality. Get ready to experience the thrill of badminton with our complete sets, most of which include badminton shuttles and a convenient bag.

Unbeatable Value: Perfect Price vs. Quality Ratio

At KW FLEX Badminton Shop, we understand the joy and excitement that badminton brings to players of all levels. That is why we have carefully selected a range of badminton sets to suit your recreational needs. Whether you play in your own backyard, at the beach or on holiday, you can buy a great badminton set at KW FLEX. Recreational badminton rackets in different price ranges, something for everyone. Our sets are designed to provide endless hours of fun, allowing you to harness your skills and create unforgettable moments with family and friends.

What sets our Badminton sets apart is the perfect balance between price and quality. We believe everyone should have access to affordable and reliable Badminton equipment, and that is exactly what we offer. Our sets are competitively priced without compromising on durability or performance, so you get the most value for your money.

Complete Sets for Convenience and Instant Fun

We've taken the guesswork out of assembling your own set by carefully curating everything you need in one package. A top pair of badminton rackets come with shuttles in most of our sets, so you can start playing right away without purchasing them separately. In addition, many of our sets come with a handy bag, making it easy to transport and store your equipment, whether you're heading to the park, the beach or your favourite holiday destination.

Discover Top-Quality Badminton Sets from Leading Brands

At KW FLEX Badminton Shop, we are proud to offer an extensive range of badminton sets from renowned brands such as VICTOR, FZ Forza, and Dunlop. These brands are synonymous with excellence in the badminton world, known for their commitment to innovation, durability, and performance. When you choose a badminton set from one of these trusted brands, you can be confident that you are investing in top-quality equipment that will elevate your game.

VICTOR Badminton Sets

Our VICTOR badminton sets are crafted with precision and designed to deliver exceptional power, speed, and control. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, VICTOR sets offer the perfect combination of technology and craftsmanship to enhance your performance on the court.

FZ Forza Badminton Sets

FZ Forza, another respected name in the badminton industry, brings a fusion of style and functionality to their sets. With a focus on ergonomic design and superior materials, FZ Forza sets provide optimal comfort, stability, and maneuverability, allowing you to play your best game with confidence.

Dunlop Badminton Sets

Dunlop, a brand with a rich history in sports, brings their expertise to the world of badminton with sets that offer reliability and durability. Built to withstand intense gameplay, Dunlop sets are designed to last, ensuring that you can enjoy countless hours of badminton fun.

Choose a complete badminton set

Choose from our selection of badminton sets from VICTOR, FZ Forza, Dunlop, and more, and experience the difference that top-quality equipment can make in your game. With our complete sets, including badminton shuttles and a bag for convenience, you'll be fully equipped to enjoy hours of thrilling badminton action.

Shop now and discover the perfect badminton set that suits your style, skill level, and budget at KW FLEX Badminton Shop.

An Unforgettable Badminton Experience Awaits You

When you choose a badminton set from KW FLEX Badminton Shop, you're not just getting a product – you're getting an experience. We've thoughtfully selected each set to ensure that it meets the expectations of both beginners and seasoned players. Whether you're looking for a set to entertain guests during a backyard barbecue or to enhance your holiday adventures, we have the perfect option for you. So, embrace the spirit of badminton and create unforgettable memories with our recreational badminton sets. Experience the perfect balance of price and quality, complete sets that include badminton shuttles and a bag for added convenience. Join our community of badminton enthusiasts and holiday seekers who trust us to deliver exceptional value and enjoyment.

Choose KW FLEX Badminton Shop for all your badminton set needs and get ready to elevate your game and have endless fun!