Yonex Power Cushion Cascade Drive 2 Clear Black

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  • Overview
  • The Yonex Power Cushion Cascade Drive 2 Clear Black is an all-round badminton shoe with a wonderfully comfortable fit. The price/quality of this shoe is optimal and suitable for a lot of badminton players.


Color Blue/Black
Gender Men
Sports Badminton, Squash, Indoor sports
Technologys POWER CUSHION+, Power Graphite Drive, Flexion Upper
Type of foot Regular foot
Cushion Limited ○○○○● Maximum
Stability Limited ○○○○● Maximum
Flexibility Stiff ○○○●○ Flexible
Comfort Limited ○○○○● Maximum

Product details

Do you want to buy the Yonex Power Cushion Cascade Drive 2 badminton shoe at the online badminton specialist store of the Netherlands and Belgium? At KW FLEX badminton specialist store, you are of course at the right place. We stand for high quality, excellent service and fast deliveries.

Why order the Yonex Power Cushion Cascade Drive 2?

The Yonex Cascade Drive is an all-round badminton shoe with a wonderfully comfortable fit. The price/quality of this shoe is optimal and suitable for a lot of badminton players. In addition, you will not be one of the many with an all-black or white badminton shoe, but instead stand out because of the special blue/black color. Compared to the first version, the upper mesh of the shoe has been updated, resulting in more stability. The Power Cushion size in the heel has increased slightly, providing even more shock absorption, and the memory foam insole ensures a soft landing.

Applied Yonex technologies

The Power Cushion technology provides very good cushioning, so that all shocks during jumping and running are well absorbed.
Another important technology is the Hexagrip Sole & Round Sole, which offers much more grip during your rallies due to the hexagonal pattern on the sole. The rounded finish of the sole makes it easier for you to push off and move fluidly on the court.
The Toe Assist Shape technology is also added to the shoe. Besides a comfortable feel for your toes, it also gives more support to your heel and midfoot. 
New is the Memory Foam insole, which makes the sole adapt to your feet more easily, resulting in more comfort.
Also, the exterior of the Yonex Cascade Drive is, renewed by the Durable Skin. This layer has been made firmer, making it more durable. However, Yonex was able to create even more comfort by making the upper layer flexible as well.

Download the shoe size table here to determine which size suits you best.

Matching socks

It is very important to wear good badminton socks or squash socks, because they partly determine the comfort of the shoes. By wearing socks with too little grip, you will move more in your badminton shoes and squash shoes. This increases the risk of injuries and reduces the positive characteristics. Choose your ideal badminton socks, squash socks etc. in our webshop now!

Insoles extend the shoe's life

Your faithful sports shoes unfortunately do not last forever, and so you will have to replace them once. Don't have enough budget at the moment to buy the right shoes or don't want to get rid of your current badminton shoes or squash shoes yet? Extend their life with a pair of new sport insoles. This will give your shoe back some of its stability, cushioning, resilience and comfort. Enjoy your favorite shoe a little longer with these badminton insoles. But eventually, you would be wise to buy a new pair of indoor sport shoes.

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