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Overview of recreational badminton rackets

Overview recreational badminton rackets from badminton shop KW FLEX - Have you just started playing badminton and are looking for a decent racket, with which you can learn all badminton strokes well? At KW FLEX badminton specialist store you can find all rackets that are suitable for you. A distinction has been made between 3 types of badminton rackets, namely Aluminum & Steel, Aluminum / Carbon and full carbon badminton rackets. The big difference between these types of badminton rackets is the price, technologies and strength.

As a beginner badminton player you obviously do not yet master the technique, but you must be able to learn it easily and well. In the beginning it is wise to buy a robust badminton racket, because it is more resistant to knocks. This will be less necessary with the next racket, because you have more technique and more control over the racket. As a result, a 'more complicated' badminton racket can be chosen, with which the next step in development can be taken. In that case you can pay attention to the balance point and the flexibility.

In principle you can say:

Flexible = easier powerful strokes, less accurate

Stiff = Takes more effort to hit powerful strokes, but more accurately.

Head heavy = easier to succeed with powerful strokes

Head light = more agile during the rallies

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