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The Yonex Voltric Glanz is a badminton racket in the Yonex SUPERIOR LINE. It is meant for an offensive recreational and competition player who wants to hit a solid, but extremely comfortable shuttle, which can be struck with great ease until deep into the back.

In the racket the latest technologies are combined with the most refined materials, such as REXIL FIBER and Nanometric. These materials make the shaft of the racket very compact, solid and still gives a comfortable feeling.
The sweetspot in the racket tray has been enlarged by the horizontal A-concept model, which has been created by a new bore in the frame. This system is also in the Nanoray Glanz.

Yonex Voltric series

Yonex Voltric is designed for the players who want to play the attack in full, but also want to have fast racket handling.
Thanks to the exclusive TRI-VOLTAGE system in the racket tray, you can hit hard smashes combined with super fast racket handling.
By placing tungsten in the graphite at 2.6 and 10 o'clock in the racket top, the whole blade is behind the smash and the shuttle will leave the blade with extra speed and strength.
The sides and top of the racket are made against just extra thin, to generate as little air resistance as possible and to allow the racket to act quickly in the rally.
The moment to take over the attack during the rally is thus made easier and thus an extra element during your game.

Yonex Voltric = Power
Yonex Voltric = Agility


  • Material:H.M. Graphite Tungsten NANOMETRIC Rexil Fiber
  • Headshape:Isometric
  • Gripsize:G4 (8.7 cm circumference)
  • Flexibility:Stiff ○○●○○ Flexible
  • Balanspoint:Head heavy ○●○○○ Head light
  • Color:Black/Purple/Pink/Orange
  • Weight:ca. 80 gram / 4 U
  • Length :67,5 cm
  • Current string:Free stringing worth €18,-
  • Maximum Tension:9.5 kg
  • Racket bag:Free full racket bag of €4.50


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