Yonex Power Cushion Infinity Black

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  • Brand:Yonex
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Yonex Power Cushion Infinity Black

The latest innovative top shoe at Yonex is the Power Cushion Infinity! This special shoe in the badminton world is the first of its kind.

The Yonex Power Cushion Infinity has an innovative fit with the fine adjustment of the Double BOA system. Because of the used Yonex Power Pad + and 3D carbonboard technologies, the shoe has super cushioning, top comfort and great stability.

Yonex Power pad +

The midsole is equipped with Yonex power pad + technology. When the player jumps, runs and sprints, he absorbs the energy generated by the impact and rebounds. Yonex Power Cushion Infinity is suitable for the aggressive pace of the player and at the same time takes into account the fit, stability and shock absorption.

Yonex Double Boa Fit system

The double Boa Fit system has two command dials that are placed in a fixed position and fix the shoe on the toe and ankle position. The toe position must be flexible, soft and comfortable, while the ankle position needs to be fixed more.

Yonex 3D carbon board

The stability of the shoe has been improved by the newly designed midsole on the outside of the sole.



  • Color:Black
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Sports:Badminton, Squash, Indoor sports
  • Technologys:BOA®Fit-systeem, Yonex power pad + -technologie, 3D-Koolstofbord
  • Type of foot:Regular foot
  • Damping:Limited ○○○○● Maximum
  • Stability:Limited ○○○○● Maximum
  • Flexibility:Stiff ○○○●○ Flexible
  • Comfort:Limited ○○○○● Maximum


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