Yonex Yonex Astrox 88 D Green/Red badminton racket  - Free stringing worth €18,-

Yonex Astrox 88 D Green/Red badminton racket - Free stringing worth €18,-

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  • Brand:Yonex
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Yonex Astrox 88 D (Dominate) Green/Red

Designed for the dominant back-court player, Yonex Astrox 88D is the latest racket in the Yonex Astrox series. Combining a head-heavy balance, 4U weight and stiff shaft, the Astrox 88D offers plenty of attacking power for players that love to break through their opponents with powerful smashes.

Unique to the AX88D is a new innovation from Yonex; a new 10mm longer shaft. The 10mm longer shaft offers simply unmatched power that rivals even the Z-Force II, making this racket perfect for players that love to stay at the back of the court while hitting smash after smash after smash.

Secondly, the Astrox 88 includes Yonex’s new E.B Cap, which boosts energy transfer from the player to the racket by flexing the shaft in a single direction, reducing shaft twisting and energy loss. This combines perfectly with the innovative Namd graphite which produces extra flex and snapback for players, giving you additional power with no loss of control.

Finally, the Astrox 88D flexes at the mid-point of the frame, ensuring that only the upper half flexes, allowing the stringbed to transmit power to the shuttle as efficiently as possible, letting you accumulate energy and momentum before releasing relentless power that helps you to break through your opponents defence every time.

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  • Material: H.M Graphite + NANOMETRIC + Tungsten + Namd
  • Headshape:Isometric
  • Gripsize:G4 (8.6 cm circumference)
  • Flexibility:Stiff ○●○○○ Flexible
  • Balanspoint:Head heavy ●○○○○ Head light
  • Color:Green/Red
  • Weight:ca. 83 gram
  • Length :67,5 cm
  • Current string:Free stringing worth €18,-
  • Maximum Tension:12,5 kg
  • Racket bag:Free racket bag of €7.50


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