Victor Jetspeed S6 A Free stringing worth €18,-

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  • Brand:Victor
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Featuring the slim frame accustomed to the Jetspeed series, this latest racket in the range features a medium flex and even balance shaft for a great mix of power and control during rallies. The slim shaft allows for a fast and dynamic approach making the Jetspeed S 06A a great all-round racket. 


  • Material:H.M. Graphite, Nanometric Dynamic Repulsion (DR)
  • Headshape:Isometric
  • Gripsize:G5 (8.5 cm circumference)
  • Flexibility:Stiff ○○●○○ Flexible
  • Balanspoint:Head heavy ○○●○○ Head light
  • Color:White
  • Weight:ca. 84 gram / 4U
  • Length :67,5 cm
  • Current string:ZyMax 66 Fire Power White
  • Maximum Tension:12 kg
  • Racket bag:Free racket bag of €4.95


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