Badminton & Squash shoes

Badminton shoes & Squash shoes

Badminton is a fast paced sport that requires a lot movement in different directions. There are badminton shoes especially designed for the badminton sport or other quick response indoor sports. A thin but well-supported sole with good lateral support keeps the player's feet close to the ground. This makes it possible to make quick moves and minimal chance of injury. The shoes are made of lightweight materials for faster foot movement and the sole surface has an anti-slip layer with enough grip to respond quickly. As the price of the shoes increases, the applied technologies also apply.

If you want to order new badminton shoes, keep in mind that the shoe size must be 0.5 - 1 cm larger than your foot *. In this way you prevent pain in the toes while running and especially braking on the track.

*When in doubt, call or Whatapp to 0615601686 for more info or print this shoe table to measure your feet.