Hyperice Hypersphere Mini Massage ball

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  • Brand:Hyperice
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Hyperice Hypersphere Mini Massage ball

As a badminton specialist, we think it is important to also offer products that you can use to maintain and repair your muscles. There this Hyperice Hypersphere Mini Massage ball comes into its own very well.

You may already be familiar with the Hyperice Hypervolt (massage device), with which you can also massage your muscles and treat minor injuries. You can do a lot with this device, but in some places it is still necessary to get help from someone else.

With the Hypersphere you can completely independently massage your muscles in specific places and resolve minor complaints. You can simply put the ball on the floor and then lie down or press it with the desired body part on top of the ball (can also be against a wall). With very small subtle movements you let the ball do its work. Because the ball is so small, a small pressure point is created and the massage ball can remove deep tensions and loosen certain areas deeper. On top of this comes the possibility to use 3 vibration settings to increase the intensity and thus more powerfully loosen your muscles or pain points.

You can use the Hypersphere mini massage ball for injuries or relaxation in your feet, calves, hamstrings, glutes, hip muscles, shoulders, back and forearms.

In addition to the fact that this device has a very functional function, you can of course also use the Hypersphere massage ball for relaxation. Hopefully, using this device will result in far fewer visits to the physical therapist and smooth muscles!

Positive points:

  • Sensitive areas and trigger points are loosened and relax within 30 seconds
  • Perfect device to relieve or reduce tension in the upper / lower back, sore chest muscles, stiff buttock muscle, heel pain or stiff hips.
  • Provides a significant reduction in pain and provides relaxation.
  • 3 different vibration levels: 45, 68 and 92 Hz
  • Lasts up to 2 hours per charge
  • Very handy because of the only 7,6 cm diameter and therefore also very handy to tackle specific pain points
  • Approved to carry as carry-on luggage by the TSA.
  • Includes 1 year warranty

Order your Hyperice Hypersphere Mini Massage ball now from your badminton specialist online or visit our badminton shop in Rijen! Ordered today before 12:00, delivered tomorrow. Free shipping in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany!

View all exercises at: https://hyperice.be/hypersphere-instructionals/


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