Overview Beginners badminton rackets

Overview of recreational badminton rackets

Here you can find all the badminton rackets that are suitable for recreationists, beginners and youth members. A distinction can be made between the rackets, namely: steel / aluminum, aluminum / carbon, full carbon. The big difference between these types of badminton rackets is the price, technologies and sturdiness.

As a novice badminton player, you obviously do not yet master the technique, but you must be able to learn it easily and well. In the beginning it is wise to buy a robust badminton racket, because it is better able to withstand 'knocks'. With the next racket this will be less necessary, because you have more technique and you have more control over the racket. As a result, a 'more complicated' badminton racket can be chosen, which can be used to take the next step in development.